Vadim Frolov

Smartlike moderation policy

Smartlike provides a temporary moderation service to protect feeds on against vandalism and abuse. Smartlike will quit moderation as soon as more alternative moderators join the platform to guard Smartlike users.

Arbitration procedure:

  • Whenever a user marks an item with one of the moderation flags, the report becomes effective immediately (to guard children and more sensitive among us) and is supplied for arbitration. Tags are accumulated and ranged, the most popular are supplied for arbitration.
  • Arbiters' job is to confirm or deny the proposed moderation.
  • Users may disagree with arbitration results and vote differently.
  • Supervisors monitor appeals and resolve them.

Should a website or an author receive a moderation flag, all of their incoming content will be automatically marked accordingly (in case of a porn site or a spammer, for example).

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