Vadim Frolov

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Smartlike provides a free onsite donate/like/subscribe/login processing with the following key features:

  • easy - 1-2 clicks for transaction checkout
  • private - no registration or signup required, no private data collection
  • transparent - transactions are stored on a public ledger
  • global - smartlikes are globally accumulated to increase content visibility
  • efficient - no commission for all donation amounts starting from 0.01 USD
  • flexible - websites control options to automatically share likes with authors


how it works
  • website identifies users by having them cryptographically sign a token
  • users don't have to disclose their private data, but can always confirm the same identity
  • the keys are stored in user password manager and processed locally, there's no tracing, verification code can be hosted anywhere


how it works
  • first payment is transferred immediately, recurring ones - on the same day on the month
  • host page receives identity verification and a handle to verify receipt
  • user can cancel subscriptions any time
  • if a payment fails because of insufficient funds on the account, the month is skipped for up to 3 times and cancelled then


how it works
  • creator receives 100% - hosting - antifake
  • hosting (0-100%) is set by the domain owner
  • antifake (5%) protection is intended to mitigate fake likes and is evenly discributed among all creators.
  • smartlikes are stored on a public ledger and are used to increase creator visibility and produce recommendations for users

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