Vadim Frolov

Credit lines

Credit lines are used to support Smartlike donation cycle. Creators are given credit lines that can be used to fill user Smartlike accounts in exchange to regular donations outside Smartlike. Credit lines are then repaid from microdonations and smartlikes.

Smartlike doesn't create monetary assets but rather works with zero balance. Credit line is only a means of enabling microdonation cycle between creator and their fans. They don't have any other value on its own.

Credit lines will be adjusted whenever necessary by creators' consensus. During beta credit lines are initialized from the number of creator subscribers on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram accounts and are adjusted by Smartlike until consensus algorithms are tuned.

An example: A YouTube blogger connects its Smartlike account to YouTube and register's a regular billing address with Smartlike. Now she can encourage their users to donate and get their Smartlike accounts filled with donation amounts. The blogger receives money, while users can send commission-free microdonations to their other favorite bloggers. The creator's account becomes negative and balances back when other users send him microdonations on Smartlike.

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