Vadim Frolov

About Smartlike

Smartlike builds a free non-profit decentralized donation processor with a focus on freedom, privacy and efficiency:

  • users choose moderation policies, creators and publishers get more visibility and independence from middlemen
  • no registration, no private data collection
  • zero commission, high bandwidth

Our mission is to help decentralize the Internet, develop common good technologies for people and businesses to thrive in direct cooperation.

The service employs a hybrid from trusted relationships between creators and their audience for private and secure end-to-end payments and trust-less horizontally scalable public ledger technology for transaction processing without cryptocurrency.

The code will be released as FLOSS, the network to be governed by a meritocratic user consensus. Come and give the system a test. It is still in development, but is fully functional, transparent, financially decentralized and secure by design.

We are located in Vienna, Austria. Read more or discuss on the forum or contact us.